Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yes, music is an art, but it takes more than that ...!

- And, what does HAUSMAN actually mean with “choice of repertory“ ? 

- Good question ! Say, this sexy vocalist loves all kind of songs. Her audiences love them as well, but the people are a bit confused how to interpret her repertory. One moment this hot performer pleases her audiences with a typical lay-back Latin tune, the next moment all her fans have to sweat their bodies on the sweeping rhythms of an up-tempo rock ballad. Then, she finishes it off with a semi-classical song that once made Bocelli very popular ...
In the meantime, music journalists are putting various labels onto her music, none of them are close to describe her repertory very well. She suffers airplay, while nobody at radio stations can find a slot for her type of music or the just program format in which she will fit. The vocalist turns to Hausman for consult. We let her focus on the strong points of her repertory that optimally match her vocal capabilities. No sooner she starts her live performances again, music professionals recognize her as the next Lady of Jazzy Love Songs. She is happy, and her numerous fans are surprisingly pleased !

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