Saturday, June 14, 2014

How we at Hausman deal with infomercials ...!

- Lately Hausman productions moved into infomercials for TV with these topics: Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion - Music - Gastronomy Cooking - Fine Wine - Traveling. For any particular reason ?

- O.K., as an example: This young fashion designer wants to widen her clientèle, but is afraid of losing her grip on her niche marketing policy. With the assistance of Hausman she’s able to get a strong foothold in her fashion segment, for Hausman could offer her an online presence through in-depth product stories that is based on a special TV format: the infomercial. This way our young designer provides communication of which she believes it creates a better image of her brand and it helps building a stronger bond with her customers. And by doing so she commercially grows and becomes a better niche player …

P i t c h :
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