Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hausman productions and its services ...!

So, in order to cater for the entertainment community in a professional way we at Hausman soon started to build up a solid network of international partners. And this time a guarantee exists, that gives artists & musicians, actresses & actors, plus others as TV & film producers, moderators or concert promoters a chance to obtain the support they are looking for in the fast-paced world of today !

* Hausman's Artist Support Program renders the following services: A & R artist representation,  Booking Agency, Promotion on Music Festivals & Conferences
* Hausman's Music Publishing Program offers, among other services: Consulting, including advertising campaigns; Internet Radio Promos;
Song Plugging; Music Licensing; CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Niche Marketing Plan
* Hausman's RTV Sponsorship Program presents these services: Preparation, acquisition & implementation of sponsor finding; Package deals with potential sponsors, thus improving success rate; Budget planning, marketing plans and project direction


* Analyzing & testing service levels that Hausman offers its clients
* Developing overall strategies for a global visibility and or identity
* Hausman strives for multi-channel stories across all on-line and off-line platforms in an  expanding & exchanging environment
* Simultaneously maintaining informational integrity & transparency toward its clients
* Hausman values out-of-the-box thinking
* Creates innovative and result driven strategies that are commercial as well as creative for niche or prestige brands in high-end and similar lifestyle markets


* Hausman is team oriented and gives importance to sharing the same values
* We at Hausman, including our partners in Germany and Italy always work with the clients wishes and demands at the back of our mind ...

P.S. Film & TV service programs are available upon special request (see PLANNING)

Please forward your e-mail to: AvdSanden @ gmail.com