Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Hausman productions stands for ...!

Hausman productions is a public relations and communications boutique agency that many years ago already expanded its businesses outside the Dutch borders. Relationships were established with media partners in Germany and likewise with partners in Spain.
A few examples of the services of Hausman are:

+ identity building & identity maintenance,
+ choice of repertory for musicians,
+ personal career coaching for actresses & actors,
+ mediation in special bookings and TV broadcasts,
+ music, dance & theatre tours,
+ advice and consult in various entertainment contracts, or
+ digital music rights.

- Lately Hausman productions moved into infomercials for TV with these topics: Luxury Lifestyle & Fashion - Music - Gastronomy Cooking - Fine Wine - Traveling. For any particular reason ?

- O.K., as an example: This young fashion designer wants to widen her clientèle, but is afraid of losing her grip on her niche marketing policy. With the assistance of Hausman she’s able to get a strong foothold in her fashion segment, for Hausman could offer her an online presence through in-depth product stories that is based on a special TV format: the infomercial. This way our young designer provides communication of which she believes it creates a better image of her brand and it helps building a stronger bond with her customers. And by doing so she commercially grows and becomes a better niche player …

►P i t c h :
In-depth advice, consult and mediation for artists & musicians, actresses & actors, and other entertainment specialists as TV producers, casting agents or event owners. Yes, we also offer independent music & video services.

Please forward your e-mail to: AvdSanden @ gmail.com